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Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade PC Steam Key Global
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Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade PC Steam Key Global

The world has fallen under the dominion of the Shinra Electric Power Company, a sinister corporation that has monopolized the planet's very life force as Mako energy.
In the urban megalopolis of Midgar, an anti-Shinra rebel group calling themselves Avalanche have stepped up their campaign of resistance.
Cloud Strife, a former member of Shinra's elite SOLDIER unit now turned mercenary, lends his aid to the rebels, unaware that he will be drawn into an epic battle for the fate of the planet, while having to come to terms with his own lost past.

FF7 Remake is an episodic action-roleplaying game developed and published by Square Enix. A remake of 1997 classic PlayStation title, FFVII:R tells the story of a mercenary Cloud Strife, as he and a group of eco-terrorists called AVALANCHE battle against Shinra, a corrupt megacorporation controlling the city of Midgar, and Sephiroth, a legendary soldier with ties to Cloud’s past.  

The game features an overhauled gameplay system, similar to the one in the Dissidia series. The exploration and battle occur in real-time, and the player can switch between controlled characters or give them commands. Final Fantasy VII: Remake received highly positive initial reception, with critics strongly praising the gameplay and the visuals of the title

Gameplay mechanics old and new

Final Fantasy VII: Remake follows the well-traveled path of modern FF series installments, at the same time adding several novelties to the fray. The player controls Cloud Strife, the protagonist of the game, while traversing the semi-linear levels and fighting enemies. The battle system has been reworked, but still includes the Active Time Battle system, where the player can stop the action on the screen to use special skills and attacks.

In battle situations, the player can switch between the members of their party. Each member has unique skills and moves; for example, Cloud relies on his sword to deal heavy damage, Tifa is fast and agile, and Barret can take down enemies from afar using firearms. Each of the characters has a move called Limit Break, which requires a gauge to be filled. When that happens, the player can unleash a powerful special attack.  

The Story of Cloud and Aerith

The city of Midgar is run by a greedy megacorporation – Shinra. Shinra’s plan is to drain the planet of Lifestream, the mystical energy capable of creating life. Opposing them are the AVALANCHE – a group of eco-terrorists, one of whom is Cloud Strife. A former SOLDIER-turned-mercenary, this aloof young man helps AVALANCHE destabilize Shinra’s operations in Midgar and across the planet. But the corporation has not said their last word…The members of AVALANCHE are about to face their greatest challenge yet, and the coming battle will decide the fate of the planet.  


Initial response to FF VII Remake was highly positive. The critics noted new gameplay mechanics and the visuals as the strongest points of the title. They noted how the remake made sure to accommodate both the veteran fans of the series as well as those who were about to begin their adventure with Square Enix’s opus magnum. All in all, the reviewers praised Square Enix for finally delivering on the promise the studio had made so many years ago about a full-fledged remake of one of their best titles.

Minimum system requirements

64bit support    Yes
System requirements    Windows 10 64bit (ver. 2004 or later)
Processor    Intel Core i5 3330 / AMD FX-8350
Memory    8 GB RAM
Graphics    GeForce GTX 780 / Radeon RX 480 (3GB VRAM)
Storage    100GB

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